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I have pulled ink through all dampers, ran several head cleanings, ink charges and wet capping station. I let it sit for 2 hours and still nothing, I double checked the band, it is installed properly. What can I be missing?

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No ink printing on the paper/film and not enough ink printing are two separate issues. 

If you have recently replaced a printhead and you are printing and getting some ink to the film/ paper then you probably have not charged the inks / dampers correctly / perhaps have not seated the printhead correctly either. Remove the printhead and re-install to make sure that you have secured it and firmly screwed in the 3 screws holding the printhead in the carriage. 


If you have recently replaced a printhead and you are printing and no ink is being dispersed on the film/paper (none at all – 0% out 540 jets – this is visible on a simple nozzle check), then the issue is NOT your printhead but your mainboard. The F1 fuse or F2 Fuse located on your mainboard is burnt – and this fuse needs to be replaced. The fuse is not the normal ”cartridge fuse” / general-purpose fuse but rather a small 1Amp Micro Chip fuse on the Mainboard of the PCB. If this is measured this fuse is shorted then it needs to be replaced – or the mainboard itself needs to be replaced. 

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