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Depending on the equipment used, time availability, personal preference and attention to detail, you may try different approaches on Heat-Pressing. Below are 2 common ones:

- Heat press at 325F for 15 seconds. It is better to Cold-Peel so give it at least 60 seconds before you peel off. If the Pretreatsheet does not come off, heat-press for another 10 seconds. Once the Pretreatsheet is off, press again for 5 seconds using a Teflon film on top of the design.

- Heat press at 330F applying light pressure for 10 seconds. Then press again using the same temperature, with medium pressure this time (Hover Press) for 10 more seconds. Cold Peel for optimum results.
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DTGPRO now offers 3 popular Heat Presses:

Insta 256 Heat Press Machine - Swing-Away Instagraph Heat Press Design and Quick-Change Features Offer Flexibility in Printing (16 inch x 20 inch)

Insta 201 Heat Press Machine - Compact Swing-Away Instgraph Heat Press (13 inch x 13 inch)

DBLDBL Heat Press: Double Station, Sliding, Semi-Automatic Pneumatic Heat Press (DOUBLE STATIONS, each 15.75 inches x 23.6 inches)

All available here: https://dtgpro.com/ciccategory/heat-press-machines.php

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