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UVDTF is a process by which you use this printer (or other UV printers that are capable of UV white/color and varnish printing) to print to UVDTF ssheets. Instead of printing directly to hard objects you can print insetad with your UV printer to UVDTF Sheets.  1 image at a time, or multiple images at a time, essentially creating a UV printed sticker sheet, Then simply peel and transfer your UV "stickers" to your hard objects. Great for irregular materials, curved materials, and ultra-tall or very large materials, that otherwise may not be possible to print directly to.

Note  -UVDTF is a very new technology that is not fully perfected and has many variables such as type of sheets, type of chemicals used by the sheets, process and the printing process, which includes Varnish coat. In addition all UVDTF transfers are weaker in adhesion, than direct printing with the UV printer.

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