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I have L1800, DTGRIP 10.2.

I love the way RipBoost prints the white, but not the colours. Is there any way to improve this, I have tried many setting and still have a lot of banding and not good quality color.

Or if is it not possible, how can I configure white with L1800 printer without RipBost ? I can achieve similar white as with RipBoost but with 1440x1440 resolution (100% white) which is painfully slow and still not as good.

I would be happy for any advice.

Thank you


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RIP software will print whatever you tell it to print.

This means it can print a variety of different settings. You determine these settings.

There are all kinds of settings in ACRORIP, including Brightness, Contrast and of course the color curve.
You can also add and make your own ICC profiles, by using XRITE spectrometer devices and software.

A lot of these settings will differ, when you use different inks, so keep your ink supply stable.
DTF pro never supplied an ICC profile for their ink. All other ink suppliers give this to customers for free.
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DTGPRO ICC profiles for DTF are available for the Epson 1390, L1800 and and Epson P600 models. The ICC profiles are included in AcroRip V10.2. If you don't have Acro V10.2, please email support at dtgpro.com and provide your order number and request the ICC profile, mention whether you need it for the 1390, L1800 or P600 as they are different

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