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My Fusion Model J stop printing white ink. I have checked the ink settings on the printer and the setting in the Uninet DTF ProRip software and cannot determine why it has stopped adding the white ink.  PLEASE help.

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A printout with no white ink is not only settings related. It normally means that you have a clog in the white ink channels. 

In order to check if the clog is resilient, you would need to run a few head cleans and then nozzle checks after each. If the head clean results in a better nozzle check (up to 87 nozzles for each white channel – there are 90 per channel) then the head can be used – it means that the clog was not a heavy clog. Check that the white ink dampers of the printer are not empty of white ink – they should be more than 50% full. If the dampers are full and the clog is severe and more than 3 nozzles per channel are missing then the head after head cleanings then your printhead would either need to be flushed (using a printhead flushing agent such as DTFPRO XTREME Printhead Cleaning Solution (for flushing Continuous Ink Tubing, or to unclog stubborn clogs in printheads) or as a last resort DTGPRO LAST CHANCE Printhead Cleaning Solution (the last resort solution to unclog printheads, try this when everything else fails). 

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