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  • Back-side is glossy
  • The glossy back makes the coated printable side easy to identify
  • Specialized coating allows for more ink adhesion and more vivid colors
  • Hot Peel (peel immediately after pressing to the shirt)

HOT Peel: Allows for Instant Hot Peeling (removing the film instantly after heat press), film needs to be peeled from the shirt while still hot/warm.

Suggestions on how to use :

Cure at 160 degrees(℃) / 320 F for around 3-4 minutes until the surface of the film has a shiny-Jelly look.

Heat Press at 163C / 325F and press for 15 seconds.

Second press 5-10s, Medium pressure is best.

Above suggestions are based on the feedback from users. One can always try changing to different settings to get the best results if need be.

Caution - Not to apply overheat or overcook the film.

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