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Here are the steps below for your reference –

>Take the NEW Piece of the encoder strip you have got and get a masking tape.

>Using the masking tape, apply it on the left side/edge of the strip in such a way that the other side of the tape is left free.

>Now, take out the right side of old strip from the printer and tape it using the free side of the same tape applied to NEW Strip. Now both NEW and OLD strips are connected.

>Slightly pull the old tape from the other end in a way that the NEW tape gets pass the printhead carriage from behind.

>After you have the new strip successfully pass the carriage, remove tape from both strips.

>You can now remove the old strip completely from a hook on the left side of the printer and carefully install the left side of NEW Strip in its place on the same hook. After installing on the left side of the printer, put on the right side of the strip and install it on the metallic curve shaped bar on the right side of the printer.

NOTE-Please double check the strip installed is not hanging or too loose and must be intact and straight in alignment to the Bar.

After Successfully installed the strip from both Left and right side, you can now clean and use.

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