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Credit- Chris (DTF Specialist)

Epson L1800 does not natively supports Roll-Printing, However Using Acrorip V10.3 or above one can use rolls with this printer.

Here below are different scenarios where a user can get an error and the printer spitting out the film/Roll to a certain length -

> When you leave roll in printer and turn the printer off - One should not power off the printer with film or roll inside. Only power off the printer if the film / roll has been removed - otherwise you will get 4 feet feeding and error on the printers panel.

> When you start running cleaning with a roll inside the printer- The printer can only run a cleaning cycle if it thinks that there is no paper.If you have film/roll in the printer in order to run a cleaning cycle you need to remove the film or roll in order for the printer not to feed, otherwise you will have 4 feet feeding and error on the printers panel.

> When giving a print command on  a roll- This only happens If the settings are not correct.If the printer is on standby mode and the correct settings have been sent from AcroRip to printer then the printer will start printing as soon as you hit start and will finish the print and stop printing (if roll mode) has been selected, If you have selected Sheet and there is a roll inside the printer then 4 feet feeding and error on the printers panel after the print will occur.

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