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I have a UV Max Fusion Pro. I had to change the mainboard I did that I turned it on and it went through about three cycles on the printhead then shut off and emits a beeping sound. My computer doesnt even register the printer. any help  would be appreciated.

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Thank you for the query.
According to your description, it sounds like the beeping sound is coming from the mainboard.
If the beeping sound is coming from the mainboard, this shows that the part has been shorted. This would explain the printer not being recognized by the PC.

Since this took place soon after the mainboard was installed, there can be 2 scenarios for this result.

- The new mainboard was connected to an already shorted part when the printer was powered-on. This would short the mainboard anew.
If you replaced the mainboard as a result of the previous mainboard being shorted, then the printhead, mainboard and head cables must be replaced together, before the printer is powered on again. In this scenario, all the above parts must be replaced.
- A spill has occured (usually following a manual printhead flush) that would cause a short-circuit to parts or electronic boards, once it comes in contact with an electrical connection while the printer is operating. This may be visible on parts (burned areas). If not, electronic boards can be measured for continuity using a multimeter.

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