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IColor 650 and 800 are both larger format printers. The IColor 650 can print a maximum width of 11.8 inches wide and the IColor 800 can print the maximum width of 12.5 inches wide. The IColor 650 has the same versatility of the IColor 560; you can overprintâ„¢ and underprintâ„¢ in white, as well as print sublimation, fluorescent colors, gold, silver and CMYK. The IColor 800 is a white overprintâ„¢ing printer only and does not support specialty toner kits or moving the position of the white cartridge. The 800 also is faster and has significantly lower cost per page due to its higher yielding cartridges. The 800 has a color gamut 30% wider than the IColor 650, which means it can print a wider variety of colors.

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