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Where do I get the code and how do I activate it?

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You can download the SMARTCUT trial version following the steps 1-4 below.

The code / license key would be provided by your sales representative / icolor dealer.
If you have problems activating the code, you can get support from an icolor technician by following the below link:



1)    Please download and install the IColor SmartCUT trial version of the software from the IColor  website: https://www.icolorprint.com/support/30/94  (iColor SmartCUT Software Download - Free trial with watermark)

2)    Ensure that the RIP dongle is the only memory device currently in use in your PC. Having multiple USB dongles engaged at the same time will confuse the program.

3)    Launch the software. The license ID will automatically present itself when the software launches. For IColor ProRIP users - THIS IS DIFFERENT FROM THE PRINTED NUMBER ON THE DONGLE ITSELF.

4)    Upon purchase, send your sales representative the code printed on the dongle as well as a screen shot of the ‘Hardware ID’ listed in the software.

5)    Note that the TransferRIP code will be the same as etched on the dongle, but the IColor ProRIP code will not.

6)    Your representative will then send you the license key and associated information to active your product.

7)    Copy the license key to safe place on your PC, then click ‘browse’ in the SmartCUT software. Navigate to the license file and click open.

You now have a fully licensed version of IColor SmartCUT.

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